Oh shit, I forgot this list even exists.


  • Accessibility (screen readers, mobile)
  • print stylesheet, ahem.
  • Froop & node icons, used liberally


  • generate RSS feeds
  • commenting system
      • Batch uploading of files, creating new nodes
      • nodes that can consist of more than one file
      • Separate the must-have basic skeleton CSS from the actual design, in a long and painful process D:
      • Make at least one secondary design, maybe something tranquil and nice,
      • Batch uploading of files, overwriting nodes attached to the same tree and node that have the same filename while keeping permissions and comments.
      • Taxonomies, tagging, tag clouds
      • Author clouds
      • Expanding and collapsing node trees, loading more content if needed via Ajax
      • Deleting nodes
      • Pagination
      • Permalinks for nodes that don't have a title or don't display it.

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