node created 2020/07/17
So I'm from Newark, NJ, didn't really grow up around many good examples of work ethic nor wealth, really shit neighborhoods every time I moved. My brother discovered the "view page source" context menu item back in the day on myspace and decided to see what this is about, went to college, came back and I picked up some code skills now 8 years later, we both make the same amount. Now to be fair, of the two of us, I'm the better dev and he even says it to his friends and bosses often.
This is why I hate the layers of bloat and abstraction, and think all the big "web companies" today are basically trash. The results usually look terrible, are slow and riddled with spyware, AND you can't even learn from them... that is, if you do, you just learn some watered down walled garden bullshit that will be completely revamped in 3 years while the fundamentals (they try their best to keep you away from) haven't really changed.

Meanwhile, the Chrome developers ponder removing the address bar altogether, and Windows 10 brags during installation how you should "leave everything to us", and let's not even mention Apple or Facebook.