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You're literally hosting your life on it.
I think it's more dystopian for all governments to have the same ideals and policies than for different governments to have different ideals and policies. It's okay that China is different.
Today with SpaceX pushing us towards Mars it feels like we're living in pre-history of Expanse which is based on the most realistic SciFi I've seen yet.
I never thought that voice control would be that useful until I had my daughter... being able to turn on the white noise, turn off the tv, play her music, etc while having my hands full of toddler is very useful.
unless you think it's a bad thing for them to have an API then they don't distribute data either
Shun him you say? Shun Gates for what he did to Apple, Netscape etc etc. Shun Googlers for what they're doing to competitors, shun Larry for suing about Java....and so on. Will anyone knowledgeable be left?
I bet someone on the board reached for some connections and it just happened to be the military.
Coca Cola's interpretation of the tradition is as valid as anyone else's.
I have begun wondering aloud about whether the social media era is our closest approach as a species to telepathy.
That feels isomorphic to the problem of time travel.
On screen today we have shows like Game of Thrones that really deliver at making us feel things and keeping us surprised.
most people are differentiated by completely controllable factors
The smartphone golden era may be coming to an end, pumped for whats next.
we think there's a big business model/opportunity related to being the best in the world at understanding how humans perceive their own faces and the faces of others.
Having lived through the horrors of the pre-smartphone days
the agonizing pain of [..] standing in line at a grocery store
I never heard about #ElsaGate before. There is obviously a pedagogic message in the videos.
If anything, I think these devices are more a money grab on the "spies" than a significant intrusion on the targets.
Fewer, higher value employees has been the trend in many industries for the past few hundred thousand years.
People could eat protein paste and have it taste like filet mignon. They could walk between the same two rooms in their house but feel like they were in Versailles. VR could massively reduce the global demand for energy and materials.
A screen reader is going to see an SVG element and I imagine at best it will use some alt-text or other "description" of the graphic. Versus if the data is literally `123{123,234,435}424` then a person without vision can get much more information about what's actually being conveyed.
Someone will still have to control and maintain these robots.
My phone provides the same services to me digitally that the analog world provided.
What's the difference if a 10 year old is posting on Instagram, to a 10 year old in the 80s with a Polaroid? If kids talk on snapchat instead of over the fence in the backyard?
Honey bees aren't native to North America at least. If they went extinct, native plants would be fine.
if the amount of money-throwing ever becomes too much to swallow then we might finally see some widespread solid security practices
something custom instead of @gmail
I want your (all yalls) telemetry data sent to Microsoft, so my Windows crashes less. As an aggregate, the worlds telemetry data has an extremely positive impact on me.
Western colonialism doesn't exist anymore, unless you count overseas military bases.
I haven't seen that happening, so I see no reason to believe it'll happen in the future.
This shutdown had an incredibly healthy discussion internally.
the level of sophistication needed for cuddling and interacting with babies is lower than, say, having an intelligent conversation
[The CIA operates lawfully] and with a higher ethical standard than any other intelligence agency
Rockefeller may only be eclipsed by Bill Gates as the greatest philanthropist ever.
one can argue that delusion is what drives the ecosystem