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A comment on "What 61,000 hidden structures reveal about Maya civilization":
The Maya still exist today. What people often refer to as Maya is their classic period.

In recent times, the Maya were massacred by a US-backed dictatorship:

And that's one of the reasons people flee the area.

Here is the, uhhh, "response" to that:
The Mayan highlands in Guatemala are actually a great place to visit — I spent a month or so there a few years ago. The people are super nice and it’s just beautiful.

Which in turn prompted these, uhhh, "replies":
There are about 30 languages in Guatemala which is about the size of New Jersey. 10% of the population speak Spanish. Everyone knows the Spanish words for numbers, that is needed to transact business. Cakchiquel verbs can have 4 suffixes whick makes it one of the most difficult languages to learn. Some kids don't learn to conjugate well until they are 14 or 15.
I have been a couple times and agree as well as it makes for a great vacation destination. For Starwars fans you can actually climb the temple IV in Tikal which was the original Yavin 4 filming location.
Having been there too, I strongly endorse your opinion. Did you make it to Tikal and check out the pyramids? Climbing Pyramid 4 and staring over the canopy at endless jungle was one of the better experiences of my life.

But also this one from the poster of the original comment mentioning the genocide..
Nice deflection.

While you are there, visit the Maya mass graves try to learn about the US role in making that happen.
..but of course, that's just rude. You can't put people on the spot like that, just for sweeping genocide under the rug. That's snarky and abrasive and mean, it's super bad discussion culture, so that's the one comment that needs to gets penalized.