3 w ago
I think it's more dystopian for all governments to have the same ideals and policies than for different governments to have different ideals and policies. It's okay that China is different.
  4 w ago
I never thought that voice control would be that useful until I had my daughter... being able to turn on the white noise, turn off the tv, play her music, etc while having my hands full of toddler is very useful.
  1 m ago
Shun him you say? Shun Gates for what he did to Apple, Netscape etc etc. Shun Googlers for what they're doing to competitors, shun Larry for suing about Java....and so on. Will anyone knowledgeable be left?
  1 m ago
I bet someone on the board reached for some connections and it just happened to be the military.
  9 m ago
People could eat protein paste and have it taste like filet mignon. They could walk between the same two rooms in their house but feel like they were in Versailles. VR could massively reduce the global demand for energy and materials.
  9 m ago
A screen reader is going to see an SVG element and I imagine at best it will use some alt-text or other "description" of the graphic. Versus if the data is literally `123{123,234,435}424` then a person without vision can get much more information about what's actually being conveyed.
  11 m ago
What's the difference if a 10 year old is posting on Instagram, to a 10 year old in the 80s with a Polaroid? If kids talk on snapchat instead of over the fence in the backyard?