You are part of the vocal, online minority that doesn't look at Mint and cringe because it looks so amateur and dated.
China is a democracy.
Terraforming Mars, or maybe just create a habitable satellite is easier than saving the earth.
What these reports often seem to ignore is that there is still biodiversity within our cities--sometimes a lot of it.
We do all sorts of ugly things to animals in the name of science. :/ But we learn all sorts of interesting and useful things from it, so... it's one of those trolley problem things.
I would encourage countries like China or Russia to develop cheap mass drone swarm systems that can deny access to airspace to any adversary. A country could sell this sort of service for hundreds of billions of dollars to another country like an insurance policy. Entire wars could be made impossible. It would be great progress for the world.

"What's Hackernews?" "It's like Rain Man, but with genocide instead of math."

A comment on "What 61,000 hidden structures reveal about Maya civilization":
The Maya still exist today. What people often refer to as Maya is their classic period.

In recent times, the Maya were massacred by a US-backed dictatorship:

And that's one of the reasons people flee the area.

It takes someone calling themselves "empath" to come up with this, uhhh, "response":
The Mayan highlands in Guatemala are actually a great place to visit — I spent a month or so there a few years ago. The people are super nice and it’s just beautiful.

Which in turn prompted these, uhhh, "replies":
There are about 30 languages in Guatemala which is about the size of New Jersey. 10% of the population speak Spanish. Everyone knows the Spanish words for numbers, that is needed to transact business. Cakchiquel verbs can have 4 suffixes whick makes it one of the most difficult languages to learn. Some kids don't learn to conjugate well until they are 14 or 15.
I have been a couple times and agree as well as it makes for a great vacation destination. For Starwars fans you can actually climb the temple IV in Tikal which was the original Yavin 4 filming location.
Having been there too, I strongly endorse your opinion. Did you make it to Tikal and check out the pyramids? Climbing Pyramid 4 and staring over the canopy at endless jungle was one of the better experiences of my life.

But also this one from the poster of the original comment mentioning the genocide..
Nice deflection.

While you are there, visit the Maya mass graves try to learn about the US role in making that happen.
..but of course, that's just rude. You can't put people on the spot like that, just for sweeping genocide under the rug. That's snarky and abrasive and mean, it's super bad discussion culture, so it had to be downvoted and greyed out.
Mistakes are going to happen and the world has changed. The battlefield is everywhere now. It's not good, but from a high level the US leading the world led to fewer combat deaths.
Games are designed to keep you interested and engaged-- that's just what a game is. Children's games have included gambling since toys have existed (dreidel, jacks, marbles, to name a few). Children learn about the real world through play, and gambling is a part of that. Risks give benefits or consequences that are often unpredictable. I don't see the explicit benefit of excluding these gambles from children's games.
Besides, all games are designed to be addictive. That’s what games are. They provide a fast feedback loop of small successes
If YC becomes popular in in China, people might visit and find very sane liberal thinking and many shocking truths about their country.
On the death of my physical body, my assets will be transferred to a trust fund with 90% going as a bounty to whoever can bring me back to "life", preferably not in flesh and bones (only 50% if I get put in a human body)
not learning a huge amount of useless facts, but being able to look them up like the rest of society does
There is nothing wrong with a company seeking to enter new markets especially that their absence from these countries doesn't change a thing.
The developed world already slowed its contribution to climate change massively and is getting better all the time.
What are 'negative social consequences' ? That seems like a value-judgement to me and potentially highly political.
User-facing software is about politics the same way architecture (like for buildings) is political: sure there is a lot that software and buildings can do to make people do one thing instead of another, but they don't change the fundamental things that drive us.
Not even a political party changes "the fundamental things that drive us". What drivel. Anyway, here is the article that naturally got flagged off the HN frontpage real quick:
I am not a fan of the mass farming, but there are thousands of variables that lead to our current treatment of cattle and so on.
Here's my take on the future: We'll upload ourselves and use much less energy.
How do you compare which experience is better given they are both personal?
Hopefully they’ll have gone through a similar ethical development that we have and they’re not still going around conquering other civilizations like we were back in the day.
The military has been behind most of the technological advances in society
What's the difference between this and hiring a team of autistic savants who can remember a ton of faces?
You're literally hosting your life on it.
I think it's more dystopian for all governments to have the same ideals and policies than for different governments to have different ideals and policies. It's okay that China is different.
Today with SpaceX pushing us towards Mars it feels like we're living in pre-history of Expanse which is based on the most realistic SciFi I've seen yet.
I never thought that voice control would be that useful until I had my daughter... being able to turn on the white noise, turn off the tv, play her music, etc while having my hands full of toddler is very useful.
unless you think it's a bad thing for them to have an API then they don't distribute data either
Shun him you say? Shun Gates for what he did to Apple, Netscape etc etc. Shun Googlers for what they're doing to competitors, shun Larry for suing about Java....and so on. Will anyone knowledgeable be left?
I bet someone on the board reached for some connections and it just happened to be the military.
Coca Cola's interpretation of the tradition is as valid as anyone else's.
I have begun wondering aloud about whether the social media era is our closest approach as a species to telepathy.
That feels isomorphic to the problem of time travel.
On screen today we have shows like Game of Thrones that really deliver at making us feel things and keeping us surprised.
most people are differentiated by completely controllable factors
The smartphone golden era may be coming to an end, pumped for whats next.
we think there's a big business model/opportunity related to being the best in the world at understanding how humans perceive their own faces and the faces of others.
Having lived through the horrors of the pre-smartphone days
the agonizing pain of [..] standing in line at a grocery store
I never heard about #ElsaGate before. There is obviously a pedagogic message in the videos.
If anything, I think these devices are more a money grab on the "spies" than a significant intrusion on the targets.
Fewer, higher value employees has been the trend in many industries for the past few hundred thousand years.
People could eat protein paste and have it taste like filet mignon. They could walk between the same two rooms in their house but feel like they were in Versailles. VR could massively reduce the global demand for energy and materials.
A screen reader is going to see an SVG element and I imagine at best it will use some alt-text or other "description" of the graphic. Versus if the data is literally `123{123,234,435}424` then a person without vision can get much more information about what's actually being conveyed.
Someone will still have to control and maintain these robots.
My phone provides the same services to me digitally that the analog world provided.
What's the difference if a 10 year old is posting on Instagram, to a 10 year old in the 80s with a Polaroid? If kids talk on snapchat instead of over the fence in the backyard?
Honey bees aren't native to North America at least. If they went extinct, native plants would be fine.
if the amount of money-throwing ever becomes too much to swallow then we might finally see some widespread solid security practices
something custom instead of @gmail