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From what I've seen, what is below is mostly accurate and more understatement than anything. Now, compare that with how people rationalize and dismiss all of this out of hand. The question isn't just why is YouTube being flooded with victim grooming videos glorifying abuse and violence, but why are SO many people instinctively attacking those calling attention to it, while just offering the most shallow and blasé explanations for all of this -- something they don't even have the guts to properly look at.

We do live in a societies that keep normalizing abuse and psychopathology more and more. There is no excuse. More than anything, ElsaGate holds up a mirror. Not because of bullshit like "these videos are generated by AI based on popular keywords" (or other "explanations" that get trotted out instantly), but because of how we fail to deal with this. In June 2016, the Guardian called it a genre. Now people shifted to "disturbing and weird", an umbrella phrase so useful you can use it for mass murder, experimental music and everything in between. Oh, "creepy" is another good one.

Adult themes repeat themselves throughout these videos. They're subtle, and require interpretation which makes our analysis vague, but they are too pervasive amongst videos of different channels, countries of origin, and even advertised content that I cannot help but suspect a correlation.

-Imagery of fear and life-threatening circumstances.
- Medical play, roleplay or real, involving pregnancy and needles.
- Ideas of dominance and power, submission.
- Magic, wands, spells being used negatively on others.
- Acting on an unconscious party, non-consent.
- Visual innuendos and gags and even inappropriate touching.
- Naughtiness and misbehavior conducted in secret.
- Showers and bathroom imagery.
- Colored plastic balls! In every video, regardless of content.
- Kids eating inordinate amounts of things for no reason.

There seems to be a trend in these videos of controlling/hypnotizing/enslaving women. The last few I've seen all feature a woman who's not interested in another characters advances, and they're then hypnotized and then it turns into softcore porn.

Networks of hundreds of youtube channels spanning 10,000's of high production quality videos have been found in English, Russian, and Spanish so far. All using the exact same color schemes and the exact same condition cues

Youtube key words:
- Spiderman and elsa
- Bad baby
- Ugly baby
- Finger Song

Recurring themes that have been identified:

Childrens Icons:
- Spiderman (red)
- Elsa (blue)
- Joker (purple)
- Hulk (green)
- Maleficent (black)
- ? Oriange

Shock Value - anxiety
- Spiders / Scorpions / Other bugs
- Injections
- Gore (cuts, decapitations, severed arms/legs/tongues)

- Camera work (disorienting angles, shaking camera, closeups)
- Irregular sizes (giant babies, tiny humans, small humans with huge heads)

Body dysmorphia
- Belly inflation
- Stretched out limbs
- Amputated limbs

- Kissing
- (partial) nudity
- simulated pornographic acts

- Scatalogical
- Urination
- bondage (tied up)
- belly inflation
- ball busting

Violent / Nasty Criminal behaviour is encouraged (often accompanied with laughter and happiness)
- Theft
- Assault
- Sexual assault
- Murder
- Cannibalism
- Dismemberment

Colors tied to different identities
- turning the brain into different colors
- having multiple instances of the same baby with differently colored masks
- A girl giving birth to colored eggs out of which the respective icons are born (red - spider man, green - hulk, etc)
- Headswapping" *(could also be considered body dysmorphia)
from 4chan, as reposted here

I watched those Elsa, Spider-Man, The Joker and Maleficent videos for over 4 hours and I lost count how many had steady themes of kidnapping there were, normalizing being tied up and injected with REAL SYRINGES. One especially disturbing video showed a live girl no older than 6 being held down against physical discomfort while a blurred out syringe seemingly penetrated her butt while she lay on her stomach. Mind you all of this is taking place while cheery music is being played couple with laughter and the actual live screaming of the child present in many of the videos.

99,9% of all videos that I’ve watched that can be classified as “elsagate” feature a fucking needle. And/or: spiders, jokers, enemas, bright colors, random noises, incoherent plots, nudity, violence, popular brands, bad kid - good kid - reward - punishment dynamic, gore

Anyone can list all of the intended behavioral patterns, because those are obvious. Don't forget the abortions, random object crushing, and playing with poop. The subliminal and hypnotic triggers that teach the children these behaviors are far more important to study. The repetition of familiar color patterns and melodies is what helps to produce the behavior modification.