node created 2019/02/25
 10 months ago

added HTML lang support & icons

  • Added support for setting a language for individual nodes and sites
  • added simple favicon support for sites, and an indicator for new content on the root page
 10 months ago

moved a lot of stuff

It always bothered me that the majority of the things in this profile is quotes and links and other things I didn't really make myself, therefore:
 11 months ago

a bunch of fixes

  • added RSS links to HTML header, if any
  • no longer display tags and authors beyond page 1
 11 months ago

a bunch of visual things

  • Improved the image processing pipeline, by saving images as 8bit TIFF in Bibble and then running a script to get both compression and EXIF data
  • changed HTML and CSS so images, image thumbnails and video thumbnails preserve their aspect ratio, and thumbnail galleries also look much nicer.
  • display all breadcrumbs all the time, no matter how nested the current node may be
  • nodes now show links to previous and next nodes, according to default sort order of the parent tree. also added those and the parent node as HTML meta tags.
  • improved prompt to click on video thumbnails
 1 year ago

improved music downloads

  • download filenames have the year, month and day appended to the filename
  • profiles can set a prefix that gets prefixed to all download filenames
 1 year ago

"Nein MC" created

Also see I'll move the rap tracks I like over to there in the next days and then work on the stuff that sucks ^^