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It started on 12th Clair Mount that morning
It made the, the cops out of sight, all freak out
You know, it started on 12th Clair Mount that morning
It made the, the Gestapo jump and shout
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When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children? I want my children to listen to people who fuckin' ROCKED! I don't care if they died in a puddle of their own VOMIT, I WANT SOMEONE WHO PLAYS FROM HIS FUCKIN' HEART! "Mommy! Mommy! The man Bill told me to listen to has a blood bubble on his nose" SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO HIM PLAY.
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dogs are overrated, too

Assuming a dog who is treated very well by their owner, and has a great relationship with them -- if that owner was attacking an obvious non-aggressor, like a small child or elderly woman, how would most dogs react? Are there even *any* dogs who would do the right thing and maul their now former owner?

What can I say.. I still like sparrows, but the air is getting real thin.
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Toys und Penner braucht das Lalaland

Martin Schulz fordert "im Wahlkampf mehr Emotionen und Leidenschaft". Und Reporter geben es weiter, statt sich ein bißchen in ihren Mund zu erbrechen.
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Nowadays, all you do is hear the media's description of what the candidate is saying, and one of the strange things about it is that politics is now presented in terms of politicians and not politics. I don't think the media is interested in politics, they're interested in politicians, which is a wholly different subject... who's doing this, about their private life, about their background, about what they must be thinking, might be thinking when they said something, why did they say it; but what they say is very, very hard to hear. And I think this is, in a sense, indeed quite deliberately, destroying the genuine democratic base on which people are elected.
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Long ago I was a little girl yeah I was never ever able to fit in
My teachers at school would try to tell me what to do but, yo I would never listen
'Cause I was high all the time, stoned out of my little fucking mind
Misunderstood, lost and confused looking for a sign
All the popular kids at school were always super mean to me and made me cry
I never knew what I should do so I just walked away and said "Fuck off and die"
They said that I'm weird, that I'm ugly, and that I suck
I knew that one day all of those kids would grow up to be boring as fuck


I close my eyes and float into the night I like to let my mind drift
Make a jump into a new dimension
Thank God I got that gift
Ever since I was a little kid
Always on that next shit
These whack copycat ball bags can suck my motherfucking dick
Sometimes it feels like coming from this planet people are so sick and twisted
I don't wanna fit in anyway, I'd rather be a misfit
Fuck a normal life, that's lame, me I'm insane in the brain
They laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at them because they're all the same
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Heartbreak Hoffs

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a t-shirt, long pants, and horrible video quality.... still so much sexier than what's on nowadays.
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So The Bangles made a surf music choon. Who knew? I most assuredly did not.

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Years active: 1981–1989, 1999–present


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Fuck me sideways O_O

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Pity about Steele though!

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Diese Gesellschaft braucht Täter wie Wolfgang Priklopil, um dem Bösen, das in ihr wohnt, ein Gesicht zu geben und es von sich selbst abzuspalten. Diese Gesellschaft benötigt die Bilder von Kellerverliesen, um nicht auf die vielen Wohnungen und Vorgärten sehen zu müssen, in denen die Gewalt ihr spießiges, bürgerliches Antlitz zeigt. Sie benutzt die Opfer spektakulärer Fälle wie mich, um sich der Verantwortung für die vielen namenlosen Opfer der alltäglichen Verbrechen zu entledigen, denen man nicht hilft – selbst wenn sie um Hilfe bitten.
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Of course it's extremely easy to say, the heck with it. I'm just going to adapt myself to the structures of power and authority and do the best I can within them. Sure, you can do that. But that's not acting like a decent person. You can walk down the street and be hungry. You see a kid eating an ice cream cone and you notice there's no cop around and you can take the ice cream cone from him because you're bigger and walk away. You can do that. Probably there are people who do. We call them "pathological". On the other hand, if they do it within existing social structures we call them "normal". But it's just as pathological. It's just the pathology of the general society.
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The type of personal integration we attain – or the effective lack thereof – depends on what possibilities our life situation offers us for the development of autonomy. It is a distorted development that is the root cause of the pathological and, ultimately, evil element in human beings.

The struggle for autonomy heightens our aliveness. Insofar as the socialization process blocks autonomy, however, this process engenders the evil it attempts to prevent. If parental love is so distorted that it demands submission and dependence for its self-confirmation, social adjustment turns into a test of obedience and the child’s efforts to comply bring with them the loss of genuine feelings. The human being then becomes the true source of evil.
"The Betrayal of the Self: The Fear of Autonomy in Men and Women"
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Leni Dorkenstrull's propaganda

The aesthetics may not quite be Triumph of the Will material, but plenty of folk in the gaming and movie industry have the pathetic fucking whore part down pat.
This is the beginning of a list I'll never finish because fuck these people.


Lead the secret war on illegal drugs in South America! Wage war against drug barons with advanced weaponry such as F-22 fighters and AH-64 helicopters. Destroy their drug pipeline to starve them of cash, but don't hit the civilians or you may get kicked out of the country! The drug lords won't stand by though... And they had used the drug money for an effective arsenal, from missiles to fighters and more. Gather intelligence, decide on strike targets, and launch planes to accomplish their missions. Take over any plane in flight if you think they need help. Send in DEA agents to gather more intelligence and resupply local rebels. Can you win the war? ATAC can be described as two games in one. On the strategic level, you need to figure out how the drug barons are forming their pipeline and the best way to destroy the pipeline while causing minimal damage to the civilian population, while defending your own base against intruders and attackers. You can order recon flights or gather intelligence from rebels and DEA agents on the ground.


The third and final installment in Microprose's Command series of war games simulates five key battles in Vietnam, beginning with the defeat of the French colonial army in 1954 and culminating in the 1972 victory of the Viet Cong against South Vietnam forces. Conflict in Vietnam adapts the well tried "accelerated real-time" game system of its predecessors to the jungle combat situation in Indochina, with its bizarre balance of power, specific technology (such massive use of helicopters) and unique strategic challenges. Impressively complex for its time, the simulation calculates a day-night-cycle, weather, terrain, supply lines, formations, unit organization and experience, to name only the most important factors. Two players can compete head to head on one computer, soloists may randomize the enemy priorities in some scenarios for added uncertainty on the battlefield. Even more so than in the previous games, designer duo Sid Meier and Ed Bever stress the educational aspect of their well-researched historical simulation: the manual is designed as a complementary read that offers extensive background information to the five scenarios and their 'what if' variants.

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we'll never peek our heads out of our own quagmire far enough to realize the depth of our tragedy


So completely out of left field, I stumble across this sentence that I suspect will now haunt me forever:

the sustained behavior of a species or group can shape the evolution of that species

update 1: https://science.slashdot.org/story/17/03/21/2256217/satellite-navigation-switches-off-parts-of-brain-used-for-navigation-study-finds

Keep it turned off, and there you go. Augmented reality anyone? Let's gamify the shit out of people, until they themselves are nothing but a thin client, a derpy blob without any inner or outer structure.
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There's so many people who seem to think being captured and broken is where adult human life begins. Bullshit, it's where it ends. You got captured and broken, it doesn't matter who you love, what you cook, what languages you learn, where you travel, if your kids are healthy or managed to develop infectious cancer.

Another way to look at it is that many people don't want kids to get abused more than they were, but also not less. "I didn't get to develop a fully self-owned personality, why should anyone else?"
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In July 2014, Japan's government approved a reinterpretation of this article despite concerns and disapproval from mainland China and South Korea, although the United States supported the move. This reinterpretation would allow Japan to exercise the right of "collective self defense" and exercise military action if one of its allies were to be attacked. It is considered by some parties as illegitimate, posing a serious danger to Japan's democracy since the Prime Minister circumvented the constitutional amendment procedure, dictating a radical change to the meaning of fundamental principles in the Constitution by way of Cabinet fiat without Diet debate, vote, or public approval.

Ah, "mehr Krieg wagen". That's alright then.
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we reap what we put up with

US Customs block Canadian man after reading his Scruff profile

A Vancouver man was denied entry into the United States after a US Customs and Border Patrol officer read his profiles on the gay hookup app Scruff and the website BBRT.

The officer suspected the man was a sex worker because he found messages from the man saying he was “looking for loads,” and assumed it meant he was soliciting sex for cash.


“I could tell just by his nature that he had no intentions of letting me through. They were just going to keep asking me questions looking for something,” he says. “So I asked for the interrogation to stop. I asked if I go back to Canada am I barred for life? He said no, so I accepted that offer.”

A month later, André attempted to fly to New Orleans again. This time, he brought what he thought was ample proof that he was not a sex worker: letters from his employer, pay stubs, bank statements, a lease agreement and phone contracts to prove he intended to return to Canada.

When he went through secondary inspection at Vancouver airport, US Customs officers didn’t even need to ask for his passwords — they were saved in their own system. But André had wiped his phone of sex apps, browser history and messages, thinking that would dispel any suggestion he was looking for sex work. Instead, the border officers took that as suspicious.
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the free what now?


Though it’s not well known, most smartphones include an FM radio that would be capable of receiving and streaming local stations. In the United States, the majority of these are disabled — Pai says that as of last fall, only 44 percent of the “top-selling smartphones” in the US had activated FM radios, compared to 80 percent in Mexico.
“you could make a case for activating chips on public safety grounds alone,” since radio could enable phones to receive emergency alerts even when wireless networks are down.
He [..] says it’s best for the market to sort things out.
This is no doubt frustrating to radio stations and consumers. Even Pai points out what a benefit this would be, saying “most consumers would love to access some of their favorite content over-the-air, while using one-sixth of the battery life and less data.”
And therein also lies the problem. While FM radio would be a benefit for consumers, it’s also a big drawback for carriers and some phone manufacturers. Every minute someone is streaming FM radio is a minute they’re not using data to stream music — and that cuts into carriers’ data sales. Giving consumers the chance to pick free FM radio also means fewer track sales on iTunes and fewer new subscribers to services like Apple Music.
it seems like it’s in large part up to phone makers at this point

Come again?

frustrating to consumers + most consumers would love to + benefit for consumers


up to phone makers

.. ?!? Because "phone maker" is how you spell C.O.N.S.U.M.E.R.S., or what?

But it's about progress, you see. It's not about putting people on a leash and under constant surveillance. It's about giving people the choice to live the connected, digital lifestyle they so crave. If people wanted it any different, it would be different. It's this way because that's what people want and they deserve to get what they want.

And maybe at some point detaining those who don't have a smartphone and/or a "social media" account for questioning at all sorts of check points -- but that's then, not now, and by then there will be plenty of spineless fuckers washing up to defend that, too.