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speak for yourself.

[when saying it's unethical to do business with China and mentioning the Uyghur torture camps as one of the reasons] people aren't actually interested in the plight of the Uighurs. Rather, it's convenient ammunition for justifying pre-existing political and national feelings
Uighur Muslims are the latest cause celebre to feel good about how virtuous we are
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a lot of gaming and a lot of rap in one single nutshell

as Noam Chomsky said about Google Glass: "a way of destroying people"
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HN things

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"na, sie haben sich halt was einfallen lassen"

So aside from the 1984 aspects of this, I have some ideas on how this could be put to good use
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shit youtubers say

  • [talking about loot drops] "but it really made you feel as if all of your hard work finally paid off, and you were truly rewarded with something special"
  • "I love you guys so much"
  • "make sure you guys sit back, relax and enjoy"
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"content creators"

Older guys "acting cool" in front of people so young it would be incredibly awkward, creepy and sad in anything but a virtual context, people calling other people "creator" for basically mumbling nonsense and padding it out endlessly with more nonsense.. so "make sure to leave a like" and "smash that subscribe button". If you think you already did that, please double check and "make sure".

Stream viewers get "paid attention" to by the streamers, if not for chat messages, then for donations. "Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome". That's the trade, money for the pretense of company.
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A picture may say more than a thousand words, the trouble is that often enough the words are along the lines of "leh lah da da da de de de, ra ra ra bleh blah blih".
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HN being "neutral"

It's unsurprising that you Godwinned this thread, since where else can monotonic escalation go? By doing that you've cemented the point.