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unheeded calls for sanity

Mobs don't have rules.

One sane person using logic can't win, ever.

When there is a venue with a contract, whether that can be negotiated outside a state system, or comes with it, we can talk about this like a community. Until such time, this is torches and pitchforks, and bad precedent for our future, which is what we are for, what we are about, and what the accusers claim they are trying to preserve.


It is not about a bunch of play parties and cliques and hacker cons and thons and house parties and who knows who and whatnot and people being aspie and sensitive and whatever and whispering campaigns and whatever and consent culture and rape culture and all these things.

It's about that, and it's about a bunch of smiling gray faces who love to see us fight and destroy ourselves over this shit, as non-authoritarian cultures always do, like ulcers eating our own flesh. Because no matter what Jake did and didn't do, this mechanism is vigilante and abusive. It can not stand.


So stop it. You are creating a world where no one will ever dare to move out of their front door and take up a life of activism, because they can not know if Jake is a sociopath, or a person who is being framed.
The most radical thing you can do for a woman is to believe her. Fine. The most radical thing you can do for an activist, is to believe him or her. Applies to Jake and to Nick, amiright? But. To. Both. The best thing you can do for your community is to stop tearing it up at the roots with gossip, like archetypical old ladies. Which I feel qualified to say, as the local blue hair (ok buzz cut battle ship gray) retiree. Opsec says, every one of these reasonable sounding people is a liar with an agenda.

So, much as I would love to believe Jake, the women involved, Nick, and the tooth fairy, all of them are hackers at hacker cons, and you are all my peeps, and I love you. And there is no spoon, no truth, and no use to hacking this out in an internet forum as a form of vigilante justice.
That site talks a great deal about the failings of the formal systems, but it really doesn't particularly seem to me to account for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crucible

I am not impressed. I am so not impressed. Even if it is 100% true, I am not impressed. And I am sorry for the victims if that is the case, and I apologize if they are doing this in good faith but it's wrong, and it opens up such potential for horrible horrible things in the future that they just haven't properly conceived of yet.

I am a feminist, and I have been raped, as many women have. And I say that this is WRONG. And I am a woman with Asperger's and I was chronically bullied and manipulated by asshats when I was younger, and I believe this is wrong.
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While My Guitar Gently Beeps

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Secret Secrets

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nothing new under the sun

Any leash transforms people on both ends, and the very desire to have power over others betrays a lack of inner strength and integrity, to put it mildly. We may pretend to ourselves and each other that power is an end in and of itself, but that's just because we're frightened of what it covers up.

You see, when you physically step on a landmine, you can't just go on pretending you still have legs; but not so with psychological abuse, trauma and neglect resulting in a haywire personality development. When it comes to the mind, routing around elephants on couches (both in ourselves as well as the people we interact with or even look up to) seems to be the default reaction.
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in naked emperor land calling a thief is worse than theft

If you see someone stealing ice cream from a disabled child, would you just calmly inform them that's not right, or would you bite their head off? Yes, being calm is always good, but let's say you bite their head off, and the perpetrator and/or onlookers had nothing real to say about stealing ice cream from a disabled child, but instead would moan a lot about how you put them in their place and how "thinking one is better than others" is like the worst thing anyone could do - how highly would you think of them? How much would you trust them going forward?
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Wir achten zu wenig auf unsere Denkmethoden und zuviel auf das, was wir mit ihnen denken.
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