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That's great to hear, I was planning on throwing up into my mouth a little anyway!

If I'm manipulated into buying something that I genuinely want, then I'd be happier for it.
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The desire to keep everything around forever, untouched, seems to be an inability to organize and distill; or at least an unwillingness try and find out it's possible. The web as an endless roll of toilet paper rather than a library is a really sad development.
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For vs. Against

You don’t know what order with freedom means! You only know what revolt against oppression is! You don’t know that the rod, discipline, violence, the state and government can only be sustained because of you and because of your lack of socially creative powers that develop order within liberty!
One can throw away a chair and destroy a pane of glass; but those are idle talkers and credulous idolaters of words who regard the state as such a thing or as a fetish that one can smash in order to destroy it. The state is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of behavior; we destroy it by contracting other relationships, by behaving differently toward one another. One day it will be realized that Socialism is not the invention of anything new, but the discovery of something actually present, of something that has grown.... We are the state, and we shall continue to be the state until we have created the institutions that form a real community and society of men.
So we should, I think, stop trying to fool ourselves when we say that we don't care about things, or that we want to help, but we don't help the things that are obvious and directly in front of our face. We should try to work together, I think, to try to build independent structures to replace the parts of the state that have been dismantled.

This is something which is I think highfallutin and difficult for people to grok, but part of the reason that we loose so much in our societies is because we don't have democratic control over the things that matter to us.

So what we need to do is to try to replace those structures. The structures especially that are missing. And that includes stuff that's not very sexy, like child care or education, as well as, you know, open and free base bands for cell phones. It's all related. So I think we have to move from a world where we act, not just a world where we react.
Order is not pressure which is imposed on society from without, but an equilibrium which is set up from within.
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Did you know that 100000 years of progress can be undone in just a few generations, by people not teaching and/or learning (even just one generation if, they're really good about not passing anything on)? I didn't, until that occured to me yesterday. Now I'm nervous.
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La Gaga

So I wanted to make a Galaga clone.. but didn't get farther than the high score music ^^
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Dolores Se Llamaba Lola

Also see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Ep9V-SDXA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYaXhCXFBok.. I wanted to make a cover, but ended up just derping around.
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Some say we need to get off Planet Earth, before we turn it into a wasteland.

But going elsewhere will just delay the inevitable. If we can't survive here, where it's still rather lush, then good luck where it's fucking bleak in comparison.. where just about everything we have there we will have brought from here, and where our current behaviour would end the adventure even quicker than it might on Earth.

"Endless growth" is the strategy of a virus, or of cancer; if you *need* endless growth to just survive, something is already fucked up.
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I made this a long time ago after I was more or less forced to listen to Techno for hours. I just wanted to make something shitty out of spite, and I normally wouldn't upload it but I never found a source for the Chomsky quotes in it in text form (I don't even recall what lecture they're from). So this isn't a song you're supposed to listen to and enjoy as much as simply proof that I didn't make this quote up ^^
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- so gemütlich - in diesem freien Land in Beeten
blühen Wiesen Unkraut - wird leise verbannt - an den
Rand dort verbrannt neuer Lebensraum man gibt bekannt sie
kam'n allein' nicht klar - also reichten wir die Hand prall ge-
füllt mit frischem Tand darin wie beiläufig ein Band -
hauchdünn geschliffen - zerreißt es jede Magenwand
schau es wird zu Gift woraus - vorher noch 'n Mensch bestand
Stempel drauf - eingereiht - - schon ist der nächste dran

- immer schön brav an der geschmückten Wand entlang - bleib' nicht
stehen um zu reden - schon gar nicht um zu graben - wir
alle kenn'n die Zahl'n Du mußt den Gürtel enger schnall'n ist nur Dein
Hals schmal genug na dann - trag' ihn eben da und halt die
Klappe wie'n Soldat Du weißt ja - ewig Krieg - mußt
nichts weiter wissen ausser dass sie auf Dich ziel'n - wir
schweben durch die Straßen - auf Gedankenblasen - iso-
liert durch Vorurteile - von Menschen und Fragen - ge-

häutet und geschlachtet bei lebendigem Leib -
dafür gibt's'n Zeugnis - und 'ne Karriereleiter
- als Spezialist - in 'ne Nische gepresst - Aas und
Dreck - aus Leviathans - Falten fressend der zu
platzen droh'nd sich strafft - nennt es schmatzend "Fortschritt" -
schwanger mit 'ner Welt - die ein ganz schön toter Ort ist - nimmt
künstlich vorweg so dass nichts von selber wächst - alles
hängt an seid'nen Fäden Scheren längst angesetzt - es

ist so gemütlich - in diesem feinen Land - so
frei und so kühn Fernbedienung in der Hand - schalt' mal
um - guck' ma an - wasses nich so alles gibt geh' ka-
putt geh' zum Arzt werd' geheilt zurückgeschickt an das
Band das da fließt - so funkelt wie Honig -
seien sie dabei denn wir garantier'n es lohnt sich
- auf Leichenbergen bauen wir die Pyramiden - be-
fehlend gleichsam dienend - zu feige um zu lieben