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Zwei Zwei Vier

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I have also been on the Earth a long time. Making measurements.

Ice is there, yes. A few hundred miles less ice on the glaciers. I assume that you can tell the difference between an ice cube and an ice sheet. Or is it all filed under ice?

Bloody hell.

Storms have always been there. In different places, with different moisure content.

Maybe the Khmer Empire thought the same as you, just before they died horribly. They'd moved the atmospheric rivers by several hundred miles. Sure, there was rain. Just not near them, because they were idiots.

Don't copy them.

The temperature has risen to levels that are higher than what they should be given prevailing conditions. But that's not as important as the gradient. The gradient has never occurred in historic times, or indeed any time since the last asteroid strike.

But you ignore that and assume all gradients are equal, all numbers are equal.

They are not.

The Khmer discovered this too late. This time, you're playing not with millions of lives but billions. Ignorance isn't going to save even one of them. There is no plea bargain with physics.
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by Camille Paglia
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David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

Recent studies show the 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, and the top four in the past four years. Climate action must be increased fivefold to limit warming to the 1.5C scientists advise, according to the UN.
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Monarch populations in the US west are down 86% this year

Surveyors at 97 sites found only 20,456 monarchs compared to 148,000 at the same sites last year, an 86% decline. [..] Its population has fallen by 97% since the 1980s, and is at just 99.5% of its original abundance.
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Die Menschen werden an sich und anderen irre, weil sie die Mittel als Zweck behandeln, da denn vor lauter Tätigkeit gar nichts geschieht, oder vielleicht gar das Widerwärtige.
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Questions We Should Be Asking About Facebook’s Smear Campaign Against Its Critics

Facebook, the company seeking to undermine its critics, has a powerful role in shaping whether and how news and information is presented to billions of people around the world. Facebook controls the hidden algorithms and other systems that decide what comes up in Instagram and Facebook experiences. And it does so in a way that is almost completely beyond our view, much less our control.
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bullshit-introducing clichés

  • at the end of the day..
  • any reasonable person would agree that..
  • I'm not entirely sure that I'm convinced I fully agree that..
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They who have put out the people's eyes reproach them of their blindness.
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Totschlagargumente sind inhaltlich nahezu leere Argumente, also Scheinargumente, bloße Behauptungen oder Vorurteile, von denen der Sprecher annimmt, dass die Mehrheit der Diskussionsteilnehmer entweder mit ihm in der Bewertung übereinstimmt oder keinen Widerspruch wagt, da dies in der öffentlichen Meinung auf Ablehnung stößt (siehe Schweigespirale).
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WWF Report Reveals Staggering Extent of Human Impact on Planet

Tracking 16,704 populations of 4,005 vertebrate species, the LPI finds that global populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians have declined, on average, by 60 percent between 1970 and 2014, the most recent year with available data.
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The Amphibians in U.S. Declining at "Alarming and Rapid Rate"

A new study finds that frogs, toads, salamanders and other amphibians in the U.S. are dying off so quickly that they could disappear from half of their habitats in the next 20 years. For some of the more endangered species, they could lose half of their habitats in as little as six years.
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The Insect Apocalypse Is Here

The fecund abundance that is insects’ singular trait should enable them to recover, but only if they are given the space and the opportunity to do so.

“It’s a debate we need to have urgently,” Goulson says. “If we lose insects, life on earth will. ...” He trailed off, pausing for what felt like a long time.
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Natürlich ist es "nützlicher", Unrecht zu tun als Unrecht zu leiden; um des denkenden Dialogs mit mir selbst willen muss gerade dieser Nützlichkeitsstandpunkt aufgegeben werden.
"Wahrheit und Politik"
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Weisheit ist eine Tugend des Alters, und sie kommt wohl nur zu denen, die in ihrer Jugend weder weise waren noch besonnen.
"Menschen in finsteren Zeiten"
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Der wohl hervorstechendste und auch erschreckendste Aspekt der deutschen Realitätsflucht liegt in der Haltung, mit Tatsachen so umzugehen, als handele es sich um bloße Meinungen.
"Nach Auschwitz. Essays & Kommentare"