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"our bench marks are enabling highest efficiency with ultimate creativity"

Ignore the pictures for a moment - what could possess a person to write such captions? I am in shock.
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How Low Can You Go?


Just wow. Luckily that that site no longer exists, it was about raising one million dollars from donations for the purpose of... raising one million dollars.

Much more than one million has been raised via the internet on more than one occasion, so what, exactly, is proven here?

"It's not about money, it's about a goal."

Yeah, and thanks to the power of sophistry, carpet bombing is not mass murder, but splitting up many multicellular organisms into smaller patches of animate and inanimate matter.
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Memory Hole

The Google Chrome ads, which mostly consist in "taking credit for the web instead of talking about the actual application" are hateworthy things in and of themselves, but one of those really takes the cake: person A asks another something via messaging, person B quickly looks it up and responds, person A says "I'd love to have your memory."

Fuck that. Sure, I enjoy learning stuff from the net as I used to love books; but I also like filtering and keeping some of it in my actual brain, instead of on the interwebs, or in the web of opinions of others. I like to think that makes me a person or something.
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Honest Video Game Titles

Whatever Tycoon
"I just own these people, I have no idea what they're doing"

Wannabe Tycoon
"While you're being drained of actual resources, you might as well gather virtual ones."

Samsara's Samsara
"Attachment Reloaded"

Our Little Secret
"It's just a game! It will never ask you what is wrong with you, or help you in any way. Buy two!"
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Collective Schadenfreude

Some people gloated about Fukushima, citing Pearl Harbour, and some people gloat about children of American soldiers who got birth defects for what their fathers were involved with in Vietnam, while some Americans gloat about the continued suffering in South Vietnam, them having been the enemy in a war and all that. Etc.

But if you think American/Vietnamese soldiers/citizens are responsible for any and all things you associate with that nation, why not go further?

Why not file it under "humans suffering for their actions" ? Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all humans, so isn't it great that at least *some* humans, e.g. Vietnamese peasants and drafted American soldiers, finally got what was coming to them? If you already feel fine with confusing symbols ("American", "Vietnamese") and things (the actual individuals), why not go all the way?

The next time someone steals from you, don't confront them, crush a bug or kick a dog; just make some carbon-biased lifeform pay, and you're done. You could even simply hit yourself.
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The trouble with the rat race

Celebrate the small victories. That feeling that you’re not quite where you want to be won’t go away. The way you feel now hoping to get your first 1,000 users, you’ll feel the same way when you’ve raised $7.3 million and have 25 people working on the team. You’ll never be satisfied with your progress so take time to celebrate the milestones.

Or maybe, just maybe, stop and think for a second... ? Nah. It's already been done, and didn't sell very well.
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The Farmville of the Future?


The Panopticon was intended to be cheaper than the prisons of his time, as it required fewer staff [..] According to Bentham's design, the prisoners would also be used as menial labour walking on wheels to spin looms or run a water wheel. This would decrease the cost of the prison and give a possible source of income.

Neat, huh? And then there is this mind-boggling twist:

Bentham remained bitter about the rejection of the Panopticon scheme throughout his later life, convinced that it had been thwarted by the King and an aristocratic elite. It was largely because of his sense of injustice that he developed his ideas of 'sinister interest' – that is, of the vested interests of the powerful conspiring against a wider public interest – which underpinned many of his broader arguments for reform.
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oh, you're just being old-fashioned


"Much of our feelings around privacy are driven by what you might call status-quo-ism," he said, so many people may feel that the app is creepy simply because it represents something new.

You could say this about anything. Let's do that!
"Much of our feelings around genocide and sterilization are driven by what you might call status-quo-ism," he said, so many people may feel that National Socialism is creepy simply because it represents something new.

(and try to keep up: no, I am not equating this app with the Nazis, I'm pointing out a Nazi sophist could have said that and it would have meant just as much; namely nothing)

Not that the repubmocrat circus isn't kind of bullshit to begin with.

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