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thoughts on Trump

Like Hitler, "sacrifice" and destruction of others and self for the whims of a narcissistic sociopath is what his supporters signed up for. Him saying that out loud, and other people being shocked about that, doesn't just not phase the supporters, it turns them on. When people roll their eyes and say "Whatever will he say next?", to Trumps supporters that makes him seem like a bad ass. They love when their big brother scares or confuses the goody two shoes with their logic and words.

And if "he won't win, he's too crazy" is the only thing between oneself and a country falling to fascism, that's not enough. I'm not sure if I'm worried about Trump yet, but how this is treated really irks me, like yet another crazy spectacle in a movie people just watch. That's how Germany treated Hitler and that's how Europe treated the prospects of Hitler starting another war, and that's not good enough.

And besides, the people who support and would elect him will still be around, waiting for another führer. They have their talk show hosts and Ann Coulter's, keeping their dysfunctions raw and untreated and them primed to throw themselves at anyone who comes along and fits the bill. Sacrificing themselves for führer and fatherland against a horde of amorphous enemies and traitors, causing destruction and death while screaming "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!" all the time, and always finding/making new enemies... that's what they want, that's what a lot of people in a lot of countries want.

That's the really scary bit, more so than individual people who exploit it. Trump is one of the symptoms of widespread ignorance, abuse and personality disorders, in a nutshell.