9 years ago

worst case scenario

The speed at which the gap between rich and poor grows keeps increasing, the rabble stays placated with (virtual) goods and distracting experiences as crude or sophisticated as necessary and/or is kept in check by the drones and robots they were deceived into subsidizing, building and maintaining, and ultimately dwindle away voluntarily or get killed when they are no longer needed to construct and improve their own noose. Most of the planet gets converted to golf courses.
 9 years ago

some still honestly believe

Some still honestly believe that automation will lead to people being freed up for more creative work, instead of making more and more people obsolete and concentrating power in fewer and fewer hands, and that total surveillance and total control will lead to total safety, even though those at the levers time and time again have proven that they have little problem with murder and sadism, as long as it is profitable and their control is maintained.

Some still honestly believe that those who grab and maintain power with empty promises, lies and murder, do so for ends that will ultimately benefit them and everybody. They think that in this game of musical chairs, the winners will completely transform once they won, and will give out free chairs and food to everybody else; instead of mowing the rest down for blocking their view, for standing on their golfing range, for breathing their air, for eating their food, for drinking their water.. or simply because they can.