9 years ago

web development vs. website development

Nobody user said "This website is nice, I just wish it would scroll more smoothly.. but I don't really care how other websites scroll.". No, either they want their browser/OS to scroll smoothly always, or don't care, and would never notice either way. It's the marketing mindset that makes people think they should improve the facade of their offering a little by whatever means necessary as quickly as possible, to get ahead or even to dazzle people - instead of improving the baseline for all in a way that is as functional as necessary, and as beautiful as possible while not sacrificing said functionality.

And thus we end up with a jungle of Javascript gimmicks, and browser tabs that eat memory like candy. The notion that HTML mostly describes content, while the configuration of the user agent has the final say on the actual presentation? "Nice idea, but the marketing department doesn't like it."
 10 years ago

Why I Like Opera

  • The bookmarks manager (right-click it, select "view", then "split view", and enjoy).
  • Comes with a cookie manager, allowing you to view, delete or even edit cookies. I just like that in a browser, even though most people might not "need" it.. if someone is curious, they can use that to learn.
  • In that same spirit, the configuration dialog has many sections which invite you to explore and tinker, AND the "about:config" thing every browser has these days is not just the bare minimum, but actually looks nice *and* has awesome usability.
  • Has an very, very configurable and space efficient GUI. If you edit .ini files, you can configure it even more.
  • When loading a page, it can show you what is actually going on - how many files/bytes have been loaded, at what average speed, and how many items still have to be loaded - instead of just "something is happening, please wait". You have to enable that, but anyone curious enough should eventually find it.