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random (not so) neat ideas

I dug up and dusted off this buzzword bingo bullshit text generator I made ages ago, here are some phrases that made me chuckle, and/or gave me shivers:
  • Rational Vacation Benchmarking
  • Human Relaxation Enforcement
  • [..] we specialize in research of security, with a new counting of intelligence. Other areas of expertise are space integration, elimination of privacy, new education transportation, color-coded definition of feedback and feedback engineering.
  • Irreversible Idea Distribution
  • Compatible Dogfood Dog
  • business-oriented bullshit processing
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Cut this "cloud" crap. Dropbox is nothing more than a remote file repository. It also provides with a daemon/client which keeps directories in your local system in sync with the remote file repository. Do you also believe that a FTP server is "the cloud"? And that an email server is "something that places your messages in the cloud"? Do you also believe that a website server is "something that places documents in the cloud"? Fuck the cloud and fuck pretentious posers like you, who feel the need to speak in buzzwords and marketing speak to try to lie their way into looking like they have rediscovered the wheel.