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Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people; face holes discuss products.
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The desire to keep everything around forever, untouched, seems to be an inability to organize and distill; or at least an unwillingness try and find out it's possible. The web as an endless roll of toilet paper rather than a library is a really sad development.
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Some say we need to get off Planet Earth, before we turn it into a wasteland.

But going elsewhere will just delay the inevitable. If we can't survive here, where it's still rather lush, then good luck where it's fucking bleak in comparison.. where just about everything we have there we will have brought from here, and where our current behaviour would end the adventure even quicker than it might on Earth.

"Endless growth" is the strategy of a virus, or of cancer; if you *need* endless growth to just survive, something is already fucked up.