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That's what turned me off from most gaming was the soullessness on many levels. But just looking at youtubers, 99% of their "discussions" of games make me want to throw up, too, and that includes most supposed "serious" ones, too. Even when they're going by a script, if you reduced what they said to the actual meanings, there would be little to nothing left except misused phrases.

I used to despise show wrestling as a kid, but yesterday I saw 5 minutes of a Star Craft world championship finals game, and the announcers made me insane with hatred within 15 seconds. "What an epic moment", oh, how those units come out of the base "*so* instantly". Consider Bill Hicks' imitation of Jay Leno, then consider how much worse than Jay Leno "gaming" shills have become.

My theory is that this has to do with a shift from games being about something, even if that's just silly fun or violence, to them being about escaping from facing reality. People say shit that doesn't mean anything, and the people they say it to don't bother to ask "what does that even mean", because one hand washes the other, and they are in an unconscious conspiracy of pretending what they clobber together are sentences.
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Leni Dorkenstrull's propaganda

The aesthetics may not quite be Triumph of the Will material, but plenty of folk in the gaming and movie industry have the pathetic fucking whore part down pat. This is the beginning of a list I'll never finish because fuck these people.


Lead the secret war on illegal drugs in South America! Wage war against drug barons with advanced weaponry such as F-22 fighters and AH-64 helicopters. Destroy their drug pipeline to starve them of cash, but don't hit the civilians or you may get kicked out of the country! The drug lords won't stand by though... And they had used the drug money for an effective arsenal, from missiles to fighters and more. Gather intelligence, decide on strike targets, and launch planes to accomplish their missions. Take over any plane in flight if you think they need help. Send in DEA agents to gather more intelligence and resupply local rebels. Can you win the war? ATAC can be described as two games in one. On the strategic level, you need to figure out how the drug barons are forming their pipeline and the best way to destroy the pipeline while causing minimal damage to the civilian population, while defending your own base against intruders and attackers. You can order recon flights or gather intelligence from rebels and DEA agents on the ground.


The third and final installment in Microprose's Command series of war games simulates five key battles in Vietnam, beginning with the defeat of the French colonial army in 1954 and culminating in the 1972 victory of the Viet Cong against South Vietnam forces. Conflict in Vietnam adapts the well tried "accelerated real-time" game system of its predecessors to the jungle combat situation in Indochina, with its bizarre balance of power, specific technology (such massive use of helicopters) and unique strategic challenges. Impressively complex for its time, the simulation calculates a day-night-cycle, weather, terrain, supply lines, formations, unit organization and experience, to name only the most important factors. Two players can compete head to head on one computer, soloists may randomize the enemy priorities in some scenarios for added uncertainty on the battlefield. Even more so than in the previous games, designer duo Sid Meier and Ed Bever stress the educational aspect of their well-researched historical simulation: the manual is designed as a complementary read that offers extensive background information to the five scenarios and their 'what if' variants.

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That doesn't sound "insane", that sounds like the kind of personal integrity that is more and more absent in the gaming and also the movie industry. He glances over that, but I think what really needs to happens is this: rewind, stop, ask hard questions.
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Honest Video Game Titles

Whatever Tycoon
"I just own these people, I have no idea what they're doing"

Wannabe Tycoon
"While you're being drained of actual resources, you might as well gather virtual ones."

Samsara's Samsara
"Attachment Reloaded"

Our Little Secret
"It's just a game! It will never ask you what is wrong with you, or help you in any way. Buy two!"