7 years ago
You know why there's no commercial showing you how a brain on flags would look like? Because it'd be pointless, there'd not even be brain there, it'd just be a pile of flags.
 1 decade ago

Collective Schadenfreude

Some people gloated about Fukushima, citing Pearl Harbour, and some people gloat about children of American soldiers who got birth defects for what their fathers were involved with in Vietnam, while some Americans gloat about the continued suffering in South Vietnam, them having been the enemy in a war and all that. Etc.

But if you think American/Vietnamese soldiers/citizens are responsible for any and all things you associate with that nation, why not go further?

Why not file it under "humans suffering for their actions" ? Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all humans, so isn't it great that at least *some* humans, e.g. Vietnamese peasants and drafted American soldiers, finally got what was coming to them? If you already feel fine with confusing symbols ("American", "Vietnamese") and things (the actual individuals), why not go all the way?

The next time someone steals from you, don't confront them, crush a bug or kick a dog; just make some carbon-biased lifeform pay, and you're done. You could even simply hit yourself.