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Boris Johnson Is A Lying Shit

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You Can Never Go Home Again

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Nickel and Dime Blues

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Cowardly Companies Present





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Mercedes Benz





The above comment was removed by moderators, but click the link anyway, just to see the amount of awards and responses.

I could find an initial version of the comment here, but that comment was a LOT bigger than the archived version, it was a very long and detailed list, which is both why it was showered in awards by other users and why moderators removed it.
Business Hall of Bootlickers:
  • Blizzard: bans player for supporting Hong Kong democracy protest
  • Apple: censors Taiwan flag emoji in iOS in Hong Kong & Macau
  • Apple (partial entry): censored Hong Kong protest map from App Store. Relented after it turned into a PR mess, now letting the app into App Store.
  • Vans: censors pro-HK democracy design in its shoe design competition
  • NBA (partial entry): rebuked Rockets manager for his "Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong" tweet, saying NBA was "extremely disappointed with Morey's inappropriate comment." Backpedalled after this turned into a PR nightmare, now saying they support Morey's freedom of speech.
  • ESPN: forbids any mention of Chinese politics when discussing Rockets manager's tweet supporting HK freedom. ESPN talking heads castigated Morey for sending the tweet & speculated about his sincerity, but they absolutely will not talk what causes the tweet: China's encroachment on HK and the resultant HK protest
After decades of opening up wide the US market to China while turning a blind eye to rampant Chinese IP thefts, forced tech transfers, and protectionism, we are looking at widespread control of US businesses by China. Businesses that are not under outright Chinese control are still kowtowing to China out of sheer fear.

This is just what we're seeing publicly. Imagine how bad it really is behind closed doors.
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Remember that your path will be difficult, at times unbearably so. All your loved ones will die. All your plans will go awry. You will be betrayed and abandoned. And you cannot escape death. Life is suffering. Accept it. But once you accept it, once you accept the inevitability of suffering, you must still accept your cross and follow your dream, because otherwise things will only get worse. Be an example, be someone on whom others can depend. Do not obey despots, fight for the freedom of body and soul, and build a country in which your children can be happy.
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An obedient population is extremely vulnerable to authority figures. The whole point of democracy is to create stability by removing that single point of failure, by involving so many people in everything that crazy or malicious individuals can not easily gain excessive power, and democracy is under no circumstances compatible with obedience: Either you think critically and vote in your own interest, or you are obedient and vote how the dictator tells you to. It's impossible to have a population that critically evaluates candidates and selects the best one and that also follows orders without regard to their own evaluation of that order.
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If the totalitarian conqueror conducts himself everywhere as though he were at home, by the same token he must treat his own population as though he were a foreign conqueror.
And vice versa: If they treat their "own" citizens as rightless serfs and want to rewrite history, they must act abroad as if they are at home, and they do:




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We knew perfectly well that we had no chance of winning. We fought simply not to allow the Germans alone to pick the time and place of our deaths. We knew we were going to die. Just like all the others who were sent to Treblinka.... Their death was far more heroic. We didn't know when we would take a bullet. They had to deal with certain death, stripped naked in a gas chamber or standing at the edge of a mass grave waiting for a bullet in the back of the head.... It was easier to die fighting than in a gas chamber.
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Es war einmal eine glückliche Zeit, als Menschen frei wählen konnten; Lieber tot als Sklav', lieber stehend sterben, als auf den Knien leben. Es war einmal eine verruchte Zeit, als schwachsinnig gewordene Intellektuelle erklärten, das Leben sei der Güter höchstes. Gekommen ist heute die furchtbare Zeit, in der jeden Tag bewiesen wird, daß der Tod seine Schreckensherrschaft genau dann beginnt, wenn das Leben das höchste Gut geworden ist; daß der, der es vorzieht, auf den Knien zu leben, auf den Knien stirbt; daß niemand leichter zu morden ist als ein Sklave. Wir Lebenden haben zu lernen, daß man auf den Knien noch nicht einmal leben kann, daß man nicht unsterblich wird, wenn man dem Leben nachjagt, und daß, wenn man für nichts mehr sterben will, man stirbt, obwohl man nichts getan hat.
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Auf einem Dampfer, der in die falsche Richtung fährt, kann man nicht sehr weit in die richtige Richtung gehen.
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Es gibt Reichtümer, an denen man zugrunde geht, wenn man sie nicht mit anderen teilen kann.
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