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thoughts on obedience and victim blaming versus dignity, adulthood and change


"I just wanted to bring something positive to social media, something positive to the world to let people know there are good cops out there, there are intelligent African Americans out there, it exists."

Since this was directly in the wake of the death of Sandra Bland, my thoughts on it are the following:

Imagine some girl with a short skirt egging some dude on ended up getting raped and killed or killing herself, and some other girl posts a video how there was this guy hitting on her, but she was dressed modestly and declined politely, thanking him for his offer, so it all went well. And people go nuts with applause, shouting "feminazis, take note! not all men are rapists, as this obviously proves".

What am I missing? Give me a good reason to not be sickened by this.

Yes, not all cops are jerks, not all whites are racists, not all black people are criminals or whatever. Duh. There are precious few people who claim otherwise, and no intelligent adults I know of. That doesn't take away from the things that *are* a problem.

He's nowhere near as polite or cultured as he may think he is, seeing how he seems to imply some rather shoddy victim blaming.

Not that I can know his exact thoughts on this, but I'll say that being argumentative and not putting out your cigarette hardly justifies dragging someone out of their car, and murdering them because they were looking forward to see it through in court. Yeah yeah we don't know what happened, but even if she actually did kill herself, I'd blame the cops just for locking her up for talking back to some fuck on a power trip.
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First and foremost we must not meet the gaze of the SS officer.

The wetness of the eye, the ability to judge, this is what tempts to kill. One has to be smooth, not interesting, already numb. Everybody is carrying their eyes in front of them like a hazard.
Robert Antelme
"The human race"

This is where it's at. Not just in the US, but there too. Who needs denazification when you can simply adapt, right? Just eat shit and give a bullshit smile. Make sure it's obviously unhappy and submissive though, for maximum non-provocation points.

He even describes it himself. He kept his hands on the steering wheel to reduce the risk of getting murdered on the spot, in the context of a very mild traffic violation. That goes viral, and people applaud it. That's why the US cannot have nice things.

Appeasement does not work with sadists, narcissists, power mongers, assorted sickos. They won't stop wailing on the bottom x% if those just start putting up with it, they do it out of principle. It will never end, and it's not dignity that attracts them, it's vulnerability, and it attracts them even more if it's combined with dignity, attitude, beauty, happiness. And if you are not vulnerable, your attitude is a choice, not something required to survive the interaction.

In that sense I totally agree that it's not about race, because it has more to do with class, power, privilege, however you want to call it. Some people hate blacks, others hate whites, others hate women, yet others hate men, but it will always really only show itself when the perpetrator can get away with it. The most racist, backwater white cop would be sweet as candy if he happened to pull over Barack Obama, to give an extreme example.

The solution is not to bicker about the ultimately unsolvable racism problem -- since racism isn't based on reasoning, but on being fucking stupid, at best you can get one to pretend they're not racist -- but simply to make sure everybody on the planet is either able to defend themselves, or protected by people who genuinely love them. Sure, easier said than done, but I'd rather have a worthy direction to progress in, than this infantile rationalization of the indefensible.

Thanks for your well thought out input, Mr. Makes-Videos-While-Driving-A-Car. Great job sharing your brainfart. You're not shitting all over someone who got murdered, at all. Being black, your opinion obviously matters. Not because it's well reasoned, just because you have it, and others like it.
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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Pablo Picasso
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Zusammenfassung #789

stell' dir mal vor - man könnt' die einfachen Dinge - des
Lebens genießen ohne sich selbst zu zwingen zu ver-
drängen zu vergessen wegzusehen zu verdrehen weil man
alles hat die Würde und den Frieden und das Leben nicht nur
zwei von drei - nicht nur faule Kompromisse einfach
sehen was man sieht einfach sein was man ist - statt im
Schatten von Verrückten rumzurationalisier'n - nur
Außen auf zwei Beinen geistig - auf allen Vier'n - das

steht uns nicht an und es wird allerhöchste Zeit - du
nennst es Utopie ich Überlebensmöglichkeit - wenn
keiner mehr zu Hause ist was bringt dann das Licht - die
Menschheit wird bleiben - doch in welcher Form ist fraglich Apa-
thie gibt sich altklug - legt rasch ad acta - ba-
siert auf Ignoranz und/oder Mangel an Charakter - den
Blinden reicht das Blindsein nicht sie trampeln auf den Bildern rum doch
G'rade zu begraben macht dich nicht weniger krumm
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You can have a lot of political 'change' in the United States, but will it really change that much? Will it change the amount of money in someone’s bank account? Will it change contracts? Will it void contracts that already exist? And contracts on contracts? And contracts on contracts on contracts? Not really.

So I say that free speech in many Western places is free not as a result of liberal circumstances but rather as a result of such intense fiscalization that it doesn’t matter what you say. The dominant elite doesn’t have to be scared of what people think, because a change in political view is not going to change whether they own their company or not; it is not going to change whether they own a piece of land or not. But China is still a political society, although it is rapidly heading toward a fiscalized society. And other societies, like Egypt, are still heavily politicized. Their rulers really do need to be concerned about what people think, so they expend proportionate efforts on controlling freedom of speech.
Julian Assange
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Is Advertising Morally Justifiable? The Importance of Protecting Our Attention

As long as either our attention or our personal information is traded by third parties in markets that do not incorporate their value to us, they will tend to be underpriced and used in ways that are both against our wishes and detrimental to our well-being. That meets the definition of exploitation. Things that we find valuable and are quintessentially our own are being stripped away from us without our consent or adequate compensation.
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I think that we have to look back at history and realize that most rebels don’t succeed. We remember the ones that do, but they’re the exception. Most people who rise up and rebel against monolithic systems of power get crushed. And that doesn’t mitigate the magnificence of their lives and their resistance. That’s just a reality. You know, if you take that path, the odds are against you. And yet I think it’s the path that we have to take, because rebellion, especially when we face this monolith of corporate power we call radical evil, there is a moral imperative to stand up to that power with the realization that in all likelihood, especially in a prolonged act of resistance, that power will crush us.


Hannah Arendt, I think, grasps this when she looks back on her own resistance to the Nazis. I mean, she leaves the University of Heidelberg and she says that she had to unlearn everything she had been taught by Heidegger in the University to become a moral human being. And then she joins—she was not a Zionist, but she joins a Zionist underground movement to smuggle German Jews to Palestine. She’s eventually picked up by the Gestapo, stripped of her German citizenship, becomes stateless—she was almost killed by the Gestapo—and ends up in France as a stateless person.

But she says, number one, I look back on that time period of my life and I say, thank God that I wasn’t innocent, that to be innocent in a time of radical evil is to be complicit, number one. And number two, she says those who are most effective at resisting or not those who say, we shouldn’t do this, this oughtn’t to be done, but those who say, I can’t. And I think there’s something within the DNA—that’s why rebels are very poor—. Once power is attained, rebels very rarely are able to rule, because they have that inability to compromise. You saw it with Che Guevara. I interviewed Ronnie Kasrils in the book, who founded the armed wing of the ANC with Nelson Mandela and becomes the deputy defense minister under Mandela, and he starts criticizing the corruption, the creation of what would be called the new class among the ANC. And then they fire on the miners who are striking—the largest massacre since the Sharpeville massacre—and he denounces his own party, a party that he spent 30 years underground at the risk of his life fighting for. That’s a rebel.

And Kasrils makes an interesting point in the book. He said, I was a rebel, because he’s white, he’s Jewish, he walks out on his own, he actually literally walks into a township—you’re not, as a white person, allowed to be in a township after ten at night—and he doesn’t go back, and he never goes back. And he said, I was a rebel; Mandela was a revolutionary, in the sense that he didn’t rebel against his own. And I think that’s right.

But I think that rebels are absolutely vital. You know, I use that concept from Reinhold Niebuhr about sublime madness. And Niebuhr writes correctly that in moments of extremity, liberals are a dead force. They’re are too ineffectual, too little emotional, too intellectual in order to propel resistance forward, that you need people who are possessed of that sublime madness.
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When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. But when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.
Frank Ocean
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Ich will ja gar nichts anderes, als dass die Welt so eingerichtet wird, dass die Menschen nicht ihre überflüssigen Anhängsel sind, sondern dass, in Gottes Namen, die Dinge um der Menschen willen da sind und nicht die Menschen um der Dinge willen, die sie noch dazu selbst gemacht haben. Und dass sie sie selbst gemacht haben, dass die Institutionen schließlich auf die Menschen zurückweisen, das ist für mich jedenfalls ein sehr geringer Trost.
Theodor W. Adorno
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Der Mut befreit von der Sorge um das Leben, für die Freiheit der Welt. Des Mutes bedarf es es, weil es in der Politik primär niemals um das Leben, sondern immer um die Welt geht, die so oder anders aussehen, so oder anders uns überdauern soll.
Hannah Arendt
"Freiheit und Politik"
Things I like, dislike, and/or made myself.