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I'm kind of sick of the whole "bias" obsession. It's everyone's go-to counterargument these days, and it's a shallow, poorly developed one. It's like everyone's lost critical reasoning skills, which require delicate attention to the particular strategies and propositions deployed in a given argument, and found these set of stock biases to use instead. In fact it's impossible to purge an argument or line of thinking of all so-called biases (though these don't actually exist in arguments, they are deduced from arguments)--if it were, it wouldn't be an argument or thought.

The goal of catching our own mistakes is an admirable one, and I'm not advocating people stop doing that--I just think it too frequently bleeds into trying to find so-called biases in arguments (whether written or verbal). In fact, this is more or less a fool's errand. What people are actually trying to point out in arguments are logical fallacies which are traits of the argument. Biases contrarily occur at the individual level and are operational flaws, they only occur during the thought process, and it's only meaningful to talk about them in these terms (that is, as they manifest in the ongoing practices of a person)--they are not properties of a line of thought's encoding (the written or spoken argument). Fallacies or viewpoints expressed in an argument may hint at the biases of the author, but it's a non-sequitur to start talking about them (when critiquing an argument), as the only way one could actually confirm this is by observing the author at work in daily life. To say, such an such an author is biased, is useless. It doesn't contribute meaningfully to a critique of the argument, and it would need to be verified through observation of the author.

Demonstrating to someone that they have developed/fall prey to particular bias frequently and working to rectify that one-on-one is a totally different story, or trying to catch biases operating in yourself is a totally different story.
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We don't deserve to find another Earth if we can't sustain this one.
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I'm rapidly becoming anti-tech, and I live and breathe tech. People no longer seem to know how to actually talk to each other, unless they already agree 100% with each others positions on any given subject. I don't see all of this heading in a positive direction for humanity, and I think we see that unfolding all around us, every day.
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Even if it were possible to design a provably correct, impossible to tamper with, anonymous electronic voting system (which seems unlikely to me) it still should NOT be used. Why?

Everyone understands paper in ballot boxes, and how they can be cheated, what to look for. Everyone can assess an argument as to whether this happened based on the evidence presented.

Basically nobody would understand what to even look for in cheating the electronic system. It would be totally my expert says your expert is wrong and so it is/isn't fraud. Having even the possibility of that argument for electoral fraud is completely insane.

It doesn't just have to be fair, it has to be seen to be fair. Really it does. We need to have reason to have faith in our democratic processes most especially when the people you want to win, don't and the result surprises you.

The sooner we get to "Any electronic voting must be used to mark a standard paper ballot which becomes the entire source of truth." The better. Everything else in electronic voting is dangerous, sinister and flat out evil. Oppose it. Loudly. At every opportunity. Especially if you're known as someone who understands computers on some level.
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(No Stinkin Badges)

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Gemütlich (No Stinkin Badges)

Gemütlich (No Stinkin Badges).mp35.5 MB2:36audio/mpeg
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- so gemütlich - in diesem freien Land in Beeten
blühen Wiesen Unkraut - wird leise verbannt - an den
Rand dort verbrannt neuer Lebensraum man gibt bekannt sie
kam'n allein' nicht klar - also reichten wir die Hand prall ge-
füllt mit frischem Tand darin wie beiläufig ein Band -
hauchdünn geschliffen - zerreißt es jede Magenwand
schau es wird zu Gift woraus - vorher noch 'n Mensch bestand
Stempel drauf - eingereiht - - schon ist der nächste dran

- immer schön brav an der geschmückten Wand entlang - bleib' nicht
stehen um zu reden - schon gar nicht um zu graben - wir
alle kenn'n die Zahl'n Du mußt den Gürtel enger schnall'n ist nur Dein
Hals schmal genug na dann - trag' ihn eben da und halt die
Klappe wie'n Soldat Du weißt ja - ewig Krieg - mußt
nichts weiter wissen ausser dass sie auf Dich ziel'n - wir
schweben durch die Straßen - auf Gedankenblasen - iso-
liert durch Vorurteile - von Menschen und Fragen - ge-

häutet und geschlachtet bei lebendigem Leib -
dafür gibt's'n Zeugnis - und 'ne Karriereleiter
- als Spezialist - in 'ne Nische gepresst - Aas und
Dreck - aus Leviathans - Falten fressend der zu
platzen droh'nd sich strafft - nennt es schmatzend "Fortschritt" -
schwanger mit 'ner Welt - die ein ganz schön toter Ort ist - nimmt
künstlich vorweg so dass nichts von selber wächst - alles
hängt an seid'nen Fäden Scheren längst angesetzt - es

ist so gemütlich - in diesem feinen Land - so
frei und so kühn Fernbedienung in der Hand - schalt' mal
um - guck' ma an - wasses nich so alles gibt geh' ka-
putt geh' zum Arzt werd' geheilt zurückgeschickt an das
Band das da fließt - so funkelt wie Honig -
seien sie dabei denn wir garantier'n es lohnt sich
- auf Leichenbergen bauen wir die Pyramiden - be-
fehlend gleichsam dienend - zu feige um zu lieben
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"they're slopping the trough for you"

Now the police dreams that one look at the gigantic map on the office wall should suffice at any given moment to establish who is related to whom and in what degree of intimacy; and, theoretically, this dream is not unrealizable although its technical execution is bound to be somewhat difficult. If this map really did exist, not even memory would stand in the way of the totalitarian claim to domination; such a map might make it possible to obliterate people without any traces, as if they had never existed at all.
"The Origins of Totalitarianism"

Virtual reality, the computer science that brings artificial worlds to life, is in its infancy. Today, it allows adventure-seekers wearing stereoscopic headgear to fly on the backs of pre-historic birds, but in the future, with the use of stereo TV cameras and robots, it could allow surgeons to operate on patients who are one hundred miles away.
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Give us an open (hardware) phone and OS plus apps will follow. Manufacturers however would hate this because the phone (tablet, etc.) as a platform allowed them to undo what Open Source achieved in the last decades on personal computers: now they have again a piece of hardware they can fully control; the software is closed and incredibly dumb, and it forces you to connect to online services to do anything. We're sort of back to mainframes, that's like killing over 40 years of IT development!
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And the cover of Vodafone's Digital Parenting is a picture of three lovely-looking little kids, about eight years old, all sat in a line on a sofa, where they're all absorbed by handheld devices and computers and screens, and they're not interacting in any meaningful human way. And all through Digital Parenting are all these disguised advertorials about "edu-taining" software that you absolutely need to buy. Vodafone's Digital Parenting. It's like the fox's guide to chicken security.
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Techno-utopian Edict

by Jumalauta

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