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big bunch of assholes


ISPs that want the federal government to eliminate broadband privacy rules say that your Web browsing and app usage data should not be classified as "sensitive" information.
CTIA is the main lobbyist group representing mobile broadband providers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, and Sprint.



Carrier Members

Bluegrass Cellular, Inc.
Carolina West Wireless
Cavalier Wireless, LLC
DISH Network
DoCoMo Pacific, Inc.
East Kentucky Network LLC dba Appalachian Wireless
GCI Communication Corp.
GM Onstar
King Street Wireless
Lig​ado Networks
Northstar Wireless
Pioneer Cellular
Smith Bagley, Inc. DBA Cellular One of N.E. AZ
SouthernLINC Wireless
Sprint Corporation
T-Mobile USA
TracFone Wireless, Inc
TriStar License Group LLC
U.S. Cellular
Union Telephone Company
Verizon Wireless

Industry Members

Aegis Mobile LLC
American Network Solutions
American Tower Corporation
Anritsu Company
Apple, Inc
Assurant Solutions
Bluetest AB
BTI Solutions
CallFire, Inc.
CBS Interactive
Cellpoint Corporation
Cisco, Inc.
Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
Consensus Corporation
Corning Incorporated
csf Corporation
Danal, Inc.
Deviser Instruments
Ericsson, Inc.
ETS-Lindgren, Inc.
Frontline Test Equipment
General Test Systems Inc.
HEAD acoustics GmbH
HTC America, Inc.
Kore Wireless
Legacy Telecommunications, Inc.
LG Electronics MobileComm USA, Inc.
LStelcom, Inc
Lycamobile USA Inc.
Mannapov LLC
Masters Club Inc.
Motorola Mobility LLC
Movius Interactive Corporation
NeuStar, Inc.
Nokia Corporation
Onvoy, LLC
Panasonic Solutions Company
Payfone, Inc.
PCTest Engineering
Pinger, Inc.
Plantronics Inc
Recipero, Inc.
Reliance Communications LLC
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Samsung Electronics America
SAP Mobile Services
SecureAlert/Track Group
SGS US Testing Company, Inc.
SITO Mobile
SKY Devices
Sony Mobile Communications AB
Southwire Company
Switch Communications
Syniverse Technologies
Taoglas USA, Inc.
Telefonica Internacional USA, Inc.
Textnow, Inc.
The Howland Company, Inc
The NPD Group
Twilio, Inc.
Tyntec Inc.
Vibes Media
West Safety Services Inc
Wireless Shop LLC
WMC Global
Zipwhip, Inc.

Associate Members

A Test Lab Corp
A2Z Development Center, Inc. (d/b/a Lab 126)
AccuWeather, Inc.
ARTIN Engineering & Consulting Group, Inc
AT4 Wireless
ATMC Labs, Inc.
Beijing Hwa-Tech Information System Co. Ltd.
BeQuick Software
Bluetooth SIG
BluFlux, LLC
Bragg Communications DBA Eastlink Wireless
Bureau Veritas ADT
Cellucom Group
China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL)
Ciena Corporation
Cloudmark, Inc.
Communications Depot dba Unlimited Prepay Distribution
Deloitte & Touche, LLP.
Dream Wireless
East China Institute of Telecommunications
Electro Magnetic Test, Inc.
Eurofins Product Service GmbH
Fitbit, Inc.
HCT Co. Ltd
Huawei Technologies USA Inc
Hyper Taiwan Technology, Inc.
Intel Corporation
i-wireless LLC
Kathrein Inc. Scala Division
Keysight Technologies
Knowles Electronics LLC
Korea Testing Laboratory
Kyocera Communications, Inc.
Lenovo Inc.
M & M Lifts, Inc.
mBlox, Inc.
Microwave Factory Co. Ltd.
Modern Wireless, Inc.
MTCC (Mobile Technology Convergence Center)
MVG, Inc.
National Technical Systems, Inc.
Novatel Wireless
NTT DoCoMo USA, Inc.
Omnilert, LLC
ONEm Communications
Otter Products, LLC
PCS Wireless
Protect Cell
Robinson & Cole LLP
Rohde & Schwarz
Sabre Industries, Inc.
Saco Trading
Screened Images Inc dba Corrections.com
Securus Technologies, Inc.
SETAR-Servicio Di Telecomunicacion
Shanghai Tejet Communications Technology Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Hua Mei Na Testing Technology
Sierra Wireless
SkyTL Inc.
Somos, Inc.
SPEAG (Schmid & Partner Eng. AG)
Spirent Communications
Sporton International Inc.
Strategy Analytics, Inc.
Sunyield Technology Limited
Symantec Corporation
Synchronoss Technologies
TA Beijing Limited
TA Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
TCT Mobile Inc.
Tech Mahindra Inc.
Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA)
Telrite Corporation
TESSCO Technologies, Inc.
The State Radio Monitoring Testing Center
TUV Rheinland Group
UL Verification Services, Inc.
Unilab (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Universal Standard Service, Inc.
Urge Mobile
Verkotan OY
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Wiley Rein LLP
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Wireless Center of North Carolina
Zebra Technologies
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The iPhone didn't change the world, it just made idiocy more visible.
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we reap what we put up with

US Customs block Canadian man after reading his Scruff profile

A Vancouver man was denied entry into the United States after a US Customs and Border Patrol officer read his profiles on the gay hookup app Scruff and the website BBRT.

The officer suspected the man was a sex worker because he found messages from the man saying he was “looking for loads,” and assumed it meant he was soliciting sex for cash.


“I could tell just by his nature that he had no intentions of letting me through. They were just going to keep asking me questions looking for something,” he says. “So I asked for the interrogation to stop. I asked if I go back to Canada am I barred for life? He said no, so I accepted that offer.”

A month later, André attempted to fly to New Orleans again. This time, he brought what he thought was ample proof that he was not a sex worker: letters from his employer, pay stubs, bank statements, a lease agreement and phone contracts to prove he intended to return to Canada.

When he went through secondary inspection at Vancouver airport, US Customs officers didn’t even need to ask for his passwords — they were saved in their own system. But André had wiped his phone of sex apps, browser history and messages, thinking that would dispel any suggestion he was looking for sex work. Instead, the border officers took that as suspicious.
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the free what now?


Though it’s not well known, most smartphones include an FM radio that would be capable of receiving and streaming local stations. In the United States, the majority of these are disabled — Pai says that as of last fall, only 44 percent of the “top-selling smartphones” in the US had activated FM radios, compared to 80 percent in Mexico.
“you could make a case for activating chips on public safety grounds alone,” since radio could enable phones to receive emergency alerts even when wireless networks are down.
He [..] says it’s best for the market to sort things out.
This is no doubt frustrating to radio stations and consumers. Even Pai points out what a benefit this would be, saying “most consumers would love to access some of their favorite content over-the-air, while using one-sixth of the battery life and less data.”
And therein also lies the problem. While FM radio would be a benefit for consumers, it’s also a big drawback for carriers and some phone manufacturers. Every minute someone is streaming FM radio is a minute they’re not using data to stream music — and that cuts into carriers’ data sales. Giving consumers the chance to pick free FM radio also means fewer track sales on iTunes and fewer new subscribers to services like Apple Music.
it seems like it’s in large part up to phone makers at this point

Come again?

frustrating to consumers + most consumers would love to + benefit for consumers


up to phone makers

.. ?!? Because "phone maker" is how you spell C.O.N.S.U.M.E.R.S., or what?

But it's about progress, you see. It's not about putting people on a leash and under constant surveillance. It's about giving people the choice to live the connected, digital lifestyle they so crave. If people wanted it any different, it would be different. It's this way because that's what people want and they deserve to get what they want.

And maybe at some point detaining those who don't have a smartphone and/or a "social media" account for questioning at all sorts of check points -- but that's then, not now, and by then there will be plenty of spineless fuckers washing up to defend that, too.
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Don't let "better" be the enemy of "good enough".
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